AVPlayer Audio Video Player 1.0

Source:Vinod Kumar

This app will play video (mp4 or .3gp files) as well as mp3 audio files stored either on internal phone memory or from the
external SD card. Note that not all video formats are playable on every device.

-Plays Video files ( .mp4 or .3gp)
-Plays Audio files ( .mp3 )
-Repeat a video or audio
-Play videos or audios in sequence continuously
-Plays videos/audios from SD card and internal phone memory

When you start the app, it will display all the audio and video files available on the phone internal memory or from the SD card

Pressing Menu button on the main screen will bring up the Options menu to change the settings or view help

Click on the file to play it.

Long press (long click) on a file will show a popup menu with different options. You can play songs/video repeatedly or play them in sequence(non-stop)

If you want to play videos/audios from a specific folder on your SD card, then on the main screen, press Menu button, then click on "Settings". Under SD folder input box, enter the name of the folder on your SD card. eg. if your folder name is CollegeVideos, then just enter CollegeVideos in the input box.

If your videos don't show immediately, please close the application and reopen it again.

Last Updated:2011-09-18 21:55:02
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OS:Android 1.5 and up

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